A developent team built on "For Gamers by Gamers". We tend to work with the community to build an everlasting adventure that everyone can enjoy.

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Endless Possibilities

With the rise of different game engines that can tailor to different genres plus the minds of many different collaborators will come a world that many people will be familiar with or happy to journey through.

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Play Anywhere

Cross-platform is the future and we aim to bring most if not all our games to various platforms from your personal computers to your mobile phones.

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Meet The Team

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Nikki Xaysanasy

Web & Game Developer

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Jordan Duron

Community Manager / Lead Video Game Writer

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Kirsch Mackey

Associate Programmer

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Johnny Fang

Graphic Designer


Sky Nite Digital was founded in 2017 as a small development team from Arkansas. Their first product was created by Nikki, Cartuga for a class project which was played by a number of people during a showcase. The sequel was planned and Nikki wanted to continue making games thus creating Sky Nite Digital as an online dev company rather than just a one time project. The goal is not to just to make games but make games people would enjoy.

Cartuga RPG Maker MV

Cartuga, the first installment in the Alexandria series let's you play as Cartuga, an old adventurer looking to banish the Evil Demon near his home.

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Gralina RPG Maker MV

The sequel to Cartuga, you are Gralina and you are off to save your Kingdom from peril from a suspious Chancellor and a wave of Demons attacking the country.

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